Technical data:
 Molecular Weight:  1,300,000 Daltons
 Viscosity:            40,000 cps
 pH:                 7.2  .4 
 Osmolarity:         314  10 mOsM

 Composition by weight:
 HPMC:                 1.8  % 
 Sodium Chloride:      0.59 %
 Potassium Chloride:   0.075%
 Calcium Chloride:     0.048%
 Magnesium Chloride:   0.03 %
 Sodium Acetate:       0.39 %
 Sodium Citrate:       0.17 % 

LA GEL is a high viscosity ophthalmic surgical solution. It combines the advantages of hyaluronic acid based materials with the advantages of regular HPMC based viscoelastics:

High viscosity: Creates solid surgical space Stays in the eye during capsule opening Easily manipulates tissues

Adhesion: Coats critical tissues during the operation Protects endothelial cells Lubricates implant, instruments, tissues

LA GEL is isotonic , non pyrogenic and noninflamatory. LA GEL has excellent flow characteristics.

LA GEL is a second generation viscoelastic, developed for improved performance.

LA GEL 's proprietary polymer uses extremely long molecules. This allows it to be a magnitude more viscous while reducing the amount of HPMC introduced into the eye. LA GEL is as easy to remove from the eye as any other HPMC based viscoelastic.

LA GEL can also be used externally during retinal surgery to optically couple contact lenses to the cornea in the sterile field.

LA GEL provides excellent lubrication between injectors and foldable IOLs - it might be the best available material for this purpose.


About the HPMC

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) is a polymer, consisting of repetitive groups of molecules in a chain. The first generation viscoelastics, like LA VISC, used the commercially available, medical grade HPMC, with molecular weights of 300,000 - 500,000 Daltons, which resulted in a low viscosity (3,000 - 5,000 cps). Many of these materials were sold unfiltered.

LA LABS, the manufacturer of LA GEL developed a way to increase the size of these molecules and with it, the length of the molecular chains. The friction between the longer molecules is greater, causing a higher viscosity in solution.

Having control of the molecular size allows adjustment of the viscosity over a wide range.

Based on feedback from surgeons around the world, the viscosity of 40,000 cps has been chosen. The higher viscosity also results in a higher refractive index, which makes LA GEL more visible during final aspiration.


Protection vs. easy removal

The protection of the tissues is made possible by the adhesive properties of a viscoelastic and is a direct benefit to the patient. Easy removability is due to non adhesive properties and is a benefit to the surgeon - indirectly also to the patient.

It is impossible to have a material which possesses both of these characteristics. LA GEL is designed to adhere and to protect, which is especially beneficial during phaco procedures.

For the lens implantation phase of the surgery, we recommend a cohesive, easy to remove sodium hyaluronate based solution like LA LON.



LA GEL should be stored between 5 and 50 Celsius, away from direct light.

Refrigeration temporarily changes the viscosity, therefore it is not recommended.

Shelf life: 24 months











Silicone IOLs

Acrylic 1-piece

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