The main components are the control unit and the hand piece set.
The control unit contains a vacuum pump, and a NiCad rechargeable
battery pack. This allows a mobile use of the system.

The trephine hand piece is composed of a central circular suction
bell and a concentric circular trephine blade. The suction bell holds
the corneo-scleral structure of the donor during the automatic
trephination process.

A removable motor cartridge in the hand piece drives the trephine
blade. An automatic cutter feed mechanism slowly advances the
rotating blade into the sclera, until the final cutting depth is reached.
The cutter then retracts into its initial position. The separated
corneo-scleral disc is still attached to the suction bell. After turning
the vacuum switch off, the disc can easily be removed for further

The trephination cycle can be activated in two ways:
		-	By the trephine switch on the control panel or
		-	By using the footswitch.

All mechanical components of the trephine hand piece are laid out
on an organized sterilizing tray, which is contained in a sterilizer
case. The case is also the primary storage of the components. There
is additional space provided on the tray to hold optional instruments.
(Instruments not included!) 

The complete system is contained in a carrying case, which holds
the control unit, the sterilizer case containing the trephine, the
footswitch and the motor cartridge, which is stored in a box.

A power cord and charger complete the system.

The Sclera ASMOTOM consists of the following elements:


Automated Trephine System for harvesting corneo-scleral discs from a donor

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